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Crow Valley Dance Club
Beginners Dances


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Beginners Dances
G Book

Aint No way       By       Jan "Stray Cat"
Badda Boom      By       Kaaren Hunn
BackTrack         By       Montana W Dancers
Black Coffee      By       Lacy J Dalton
Blue Rose Is       By      
Bottle It Up        By      Linda Nyffeler
Cowgirl Twist    By       Bill Bader
Cheek To Cheek By Rod Fowler

Country 2 Step          By     Masters in Line
Come Dance With Me   Jo Thmpson
Daning in the dark    By   Jo Thompson
Dreamin                     By   Emma Dowling
Do Wop Be Do           By   Gaye Teather
Elliots Dreams            By   Ann Wood
Fiyin Sparx                 By   Mary Kelly
More Or Less Danced to [Sxe]
Never Been                 By  Pete Harkness
Rita's Waltz                 By   Jo Thompson
Some Girls !!!              By   Steve Mason
Snap Happy                By      Diana Dawson
Struting Star                       unknown
Wind Of Change        By    Jan   Smith
Weak In  the Knees   By    Kathy Hunyadi

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